Susanna Fitzgerald QC, Barrister at Law

1 Essex Court, Temple,
London, EC4Y 9AR



  • Contributing Editor to "Law of Betting Gaming and Lotteries" Second Edition by Smith & Monkcom.
    To be published late spring.

  • Contributor to Gambling and Public Policy edited by Eadington and Cornelius, 1991.

Published in Licensing Review in 1990-2001
  • "The Gaming Act 1968 in 1990"
  • "Free Prize Draws and Prize Competitions"
  • "The Meaning of Premises"
  • "Cheques and the Gaming Act 1968"
  • "The Origins of the Gaming Act 1968"
  • "Industry Views on Further Changes"
  • "Criteria for Part III Registration"
  • "Aiming for a Reasoned Judgment"
  • "Driving through the Petrol Smokescreen"
  • "The Truth about Fantasy Leagues"
  • "Fantasy Fund Competitions"
  • "Less is More and Small is Beautiful"
Published in The Solicitors Journal in 1991-2001
  • "Liquor Licensing"
  • "Licensing Amusement Arcades and Centres"
  • "Cheques and the Gaming Act 1968"
  • "Free Prize Draws and Competitions"
  • "Licensing Jackpot Machines"
  • "Bradfute Revisited"
  • "The Pelican Undertaking"
  • "The Teddy Bear Case"
  • "Fantasy Fund Competitions"
  • "License to Thrill"
  • "Entertainment Complex"
  • "Liquor Licensing" published in "The Magistrate" in February 1999.
  • "When a Draw is not a Draw?" Promotions and Incentives Magazine, January 1992
  • "The Rise of Gambling Style Promotions". Consumer Policy Review, January/ February 1997

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